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Shared by Sellerise Team • June 02, 2023


Add TACoS to your totals to have quick access to this metric. Simply click any of the existing totals, scroll down, and select it to display:


From now on, you can disconnect the whole Slack workspace and all related Slack channels in one click!


New option allowing you to check which negative reviews were skipped and not "punched" by the tool due to the rules set in your Configurations:


Optimized page loading. With the latest update, we've speeded up the page loading for large accounts from a few minutes to 10 seconds 🚀


➤ General optimizations for users with a large number of accounts.

➤ For users with more than 10 accounts, the account/market selection window now has a search bar:

New feature

⚡ Exclude Removal Orders from all calculations in Sellerise

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Shared by Jane • March 28, 2023

As many of our users requested, we've added an option to exclude Removal Orders from all calculations in Sellerise (Account Settings > General):

With the Sellerise Sales & Profit tool, you can customize your sales data the way YOU need it for the most efficient analysis possible to ensure your business grows!

New feature

⚡ Sellerise tool that solves all your inventory management woes

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Shared by Jane • March 07, 2023

Do you find yourself spending hours each day sifting through reports and spreadsheets trying to locate your inventory? We have some great news for you!

Sellerise has just launched a new Stock feature inside Sales & Profit tool, designed to solve all your inventory management woes!

  • Quickly locate your inventory with an interactive US states map
  • Effortlessly track your stock movements
  • Utilize historical stock data for effective sales analysis & planning
  • Avoid losing items and minimize damage and returns
  • Save 1-2 hours each day on inventory management
  • Take control of your stock and plan for sales like a boss 😎

Don't let inventory management stress you out any longer - try Sellerise for FREE and take the first step towards efficient and effective inventory management!

P.S. You can also check this new feature in Demo mode (click Try Demo here).

New tool

📣 Introducing Sellerise Payouts

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Shared by Jane • January 17, 2023

Are you struggling with tracing the cash flow of your Amazon business❓

Tired of racking your brains over finances for hours and still not getting a sense of how well your business’s doing?

We know how it feels when you fail to make ends meet over and over again because your profit on Amazon isn’t always equal to the amount of funds available for withdrawal from the marketplace 😤

🎉 Here’s good news: Sellerise is taking your financial management to a whole new level with a powerful new tool called PAYOUTS!

👉 Sellerise Payouts Dashboard helps you keep your finances running smoothly with comprehensive real-time insights into the exact amount of money you can withdraw to your bank account, and you can already try this tool in beta 🔥

With 14-day payout cycles available at your fingertips, you can discover exact profits, compare performance over time periods, and identify trends for more informed decisions. No more complicated calculating; all numbers are right there 👌

🔹 Exact data for each 14-day payout period
🔹 Comparative analysis of periods by metrics
🔹 Visual charts for quick data analysis
🔹 Fully customizable


Uncover the true success of your Amazon business and maximize profitability by making the most out of every hard-earned penny with Sellerise Payouts!

New feature

⚡ Easier and faster management of restorable cases

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Shared by Jane • January 10, 2023

As you probably know, the Sellerise Reimbursement tool has an awesome feature to RESTORE the units (previously declined and not reimbursed by Amazon) to give them another shot. 🔂

Well, we all know that mistakes happen, and the Amazon support team is no exception here.

⚡ Last week, our team also added a new filter called RESTORABLE CASES to the Cases tab so you can easily filter out only claims containing items that can be restored and submitted to Amazon for reimbursement once again:

This new feature is extremely helpful for sellers with a high sales volume, which usually also means lots of reimbursement claims that should be double-checked manually.


However, no matter if you’re a “big” seller or just a beginner (especially if you’re the latter), don’t sit and wait:

Go and check right NOW if there are any reimbursable units on your account, AND if there is anything you can resubmit to Amazon for a recheck.

Get what Amazon owes you without any extra cost or effort with the Sellerise Reimbursement Tool!

✔️ no commission

✔️ no fees

✔️ no hustle


📣 How to beat out the competition and dominate on Amazon in 2023

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Shared by Jane • January 06, 2023

Do you want to supercharge your Amazon business and skyrocket your sales in 2023?

We bet you do. But do you have a plan for how to outplay your competition and stay on top?

With the right strategy, you may have 2023 as a year of your true success.

👇 Watch this webinar recording to learn how to manage Conversion Rate, Click Through Rate, and other essential metrics on Amazon to beat out the competition and dominate the market!

🧐 What you'll learn:

  • How Amazon has evolved and what that means for your business
  • What metrics are critical to succeed on Amazon in 2023
  • What tools you need in order to measure them properly
  • How to impact those metrics with direct tactics and strategies to get ahead of your competition
  • How other businesses are succeeding with CVR & CTR optimization
  • And many other things!

🗣️ Speakers:

DIMA KUBRAK, 8-figure Amazon seller, founder of Sellerise and ASAP Warehouse.

NICK YOUNG, founder of MarketplaceOps and co-founder of Pixelfy.

This webinar is a great opportunity for any business owner or online marketer interested in taking their performance on Amazon up a notch.

Make sure you have a strategy for success - it could make all the difference, so don't miss out!


📣 How to build a successful SEO strategy for your Amazon business

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Shared by Jane • December 30, 2022

How much would you pay someone knowing they’d soon double your traffic & sales?

What about getting a triple result?

Learning how to develop and build a successful SEO strategy that focuses on generating traffic for your listings is critical to your success in your Amazon business.

👇 Watch this webinar recording to learn from TOP industry experts about the latest and most effective SEO strategies for your Amazon business.

🧐 What you'll learn:

  • How to grow your sales through traffic generation
  • How to utilize Keywords, EBC, Copy, and Amazon's Ranking and Indexing System to get more traffic for your listings
  • The differences in a variety of SEO strategies on Amazon
  • How to utilize best practices and avoid common pitfalls
  • As well as many other tips!

🗣️ Speakers:

DIMA KUBRAK, 8-figure Amazon seller, founder of Sellerise and ASAP Warehouse.

STEVEN POPE, founder of My Amazon Guy, My Refund Guy, owner of 4 Amazon Brands: Momstir & Age of Sage, HOLSTIT, and Lilly Posh, creator of MyAmazonGuy podcast.

Whether you are just starting out or already have experience selling on Amazon, this webinar is a must-watch!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from experts about proven tactics that have driven real results for many e-commerce businesses!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Sellerise!

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Shared by Dima • December 23, 2022

Dear clients, partners, and friends!

As this Christmas and holiday season is coming, I and the whole Sellerise team are filled with pure gratitude for your invaluable trust in us and our products. It has been a pleasure to work with you this year and see the amazing things that have transpired as a result! 🙌

We thank you wholeheartedly and hope 2023 brings you greater success than ever before so that together we can continue making an impact by delivering quality products & services at competitive prices!

Merry Christmas from all of us here - wishing you cheer-filled holidays, joyous festivities, and peace throughout the New Year ahead! ✨

Warmest regards always,

Your Sellerise team 💙


📣 Brand-new Amazon keyword research & ranking tactics

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Shared by Jane • December 23, 2022

What if we tell you that you can increase your sales on Amazon by 30% in a few days?

If you’re still relying on the keywords Search Volume while doing your ranking and ad campaigns, we have some good and bad news for you:

Why? Because keywords with a good Search Volume aren’t equal to money-brining keywords anymore. And if you don’t want to be among those wasting money on strategies that don’t work, you just HAVE TO keep up with the constantly changing rules on the market.

You can literally launch your Amazon business to the next level if you know where to find your money keywords. It’s possible with the cutting-edge Amazon keyword research and ranking techniques by Dima Kubrak.

👉 Watch this webinar recording to learn about successful tactics on how to easily find the best keywords for your products that will bring you money.

🧐 What you'll learn:

  • How to build a quality semantic core in 2 minutes
  • How to discover your money keywords
  • How to outrank your competitor's keywords
  • How to recover lost keywords
  • How to uncover high-converting keywords
  • And many more!

🗣️ Speaker:

Dima Kubrak, 8-figure Amazon seller and CEO at Sellerise

Dima has been running his own businesses since he was 19 years old. He always stays up to date and discovers new ways of improving product rankings. And now he’s here to share some of them with you!

Are you ready to take your Amazon business up a notch and skyrocket your sales?

New feature

⚡ Option to include Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders in your Inventory

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Shared by Jane • December 21, 2022

Recently we've implemented a new feature to exclude Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders from all calculations in Sellerise.

However, if you still want to see such orders in your inventory for better stock management, you can now manually "return" MCF orders back in the Inventory Dashboard Settings as shown below:

Note: This option shows up only if you have disabled MCF orders in your Sellerise Account Settings > General tab before:

With the Sellerise Inventory tool, you can quickly adjust CoGs, efficiently manage your stock, see estimated sales and profit numbers, and more!