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Reimbursements for Europe+, Storage Fee by product, collaborator access expiration date, and more!

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Shared by Sellerise Team β€’ March 11, 2024

⚑ Reimbursements for Europe+

Finally in Sellerise! Connect your European+ accounts to Sellerise and start reimbursing money for misplaced or lost inventory right away πŸ’Έ

Note: More reimbursement types are also coming very soon!

More updates in Reimbursements

  • Search for transactions or products by FNSKU anywhere in the Reimbursements tool tabs and dashboards
  • ​Export all your actual reimbursements history into a single file
  • Check old product dimensions set by Amazon before you created the case
  • Compare reimbursement estimated by Sellerise with actual reimbursement made by Amazon for all your cases:

Financial Analytics

Starting January 1, 2024, we allocate Storage Fee to your products across all tools in Sellerise!

Note: For earlier periods, the metric is still shown as a total for all products on the account level only.​


  • Data on European accounts in Sellerise is now displayed by UTC just like you see it on Seller Central. ​Explore ➜
  • Specify an access expiration date for your collaborators. ​Explore ➜
  • Change your configurations of Smart Alerts, Review Requester, and Review Puncher safely while the tools are disabled. ​Explore βžœβ€‹