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Sponsored TV ads data, new alerts for EU+, product manufacturer information, and more!

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Shared by Sellerise Team • February 02, 2024

Keyword Hunter & Re-Ranker PRO

⚙️ New option to exclude multiple phrases from your keyword list.

Type in as many irrelevant phrases as you need in the Exclude Phrase Containing field, click "Enter", then "Apply Filters", and voila!

Smart Alerts

Hijacker & BuyBox alerts for Europe+ ⚡

Make sure they're enabled in your configurations and in the Channels tab for all EU seller accounts (edit access needed):


  1. New option to export all your cases into a single file
  2. Added historical estimates to your case details so you can compare them with actual reimbursement and ensure Amazon returned everything they owe you!

FBA Fee Reimbursements

⚡ Added your current Amazon FBA Fee value so you can compare it with the one estimated by Sellerise based on your product dimensions (Real). Now, you can decide if you should create a remeasurement request OR a reimbursement claim at once:


  1. Fully-revamped Inventory Dashboard display. More detailed data organized identically to that in your Seller Central account.
  2. Option to add manufacturer data manually for each product OR upload this info in bulk:​


  • PPC Dashboard:
    Added Sponsored Television ad campaigns data.
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  • Shipment Documents:
    Option to export your all your shipments data into a spreadsheet.
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  • Sales & Profit:
    Renamed Mult. orders metric to MCF orders (Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders)
    Added Click-Through Rate % (CTR) to all dashboards and tables
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  • Collaborators can now see tags showing the primary account owner's email in the seller accounts selection dropdown