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Meet Subscribe & Save Dashboard in Sellerise!

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Shared by Sellerise Team β€’ June 19, 2024

Ultimate tool to maximize your Subscribe & Save selling strategy on Amazon with comprehensive data analytics πŸ“Š


Get Comprehensive Insights

See clear, detailed, and actionable insights at a glance. Understand how many of your customers use Subscribe & Save, what they buy, and how much.


Predict Demand Like a Pro

Track your subscriptions and sales week by week. Use forecasting to anticipate future changes and plan more effectively up to a year ahead!


Nail Inventory Management

We forecast how many units will be sold and sales you'll make in the future; so you can keep the perfect inventory level of each product to meet demand.


Boost Your Margins

Worried about those discounts eating into your profits? Don't sweat it. See a break-down of costs and discount rates helping you strike the perfect balance between pricing and profit.


Optimize Your Selling Strategy

Track S&S performance for all products in one place. Understand what is working and what isn't, see potential lost revenue from stockouts, spot growth opportunities, and make smart moves.

Don’t let the Subscribe & Save program hassles slow you down. Sign up for your FREE 7-day trial and leverage Sellerise S&S Dashboard to streamline your ops, keep your customers satisfied, and watch your business grow! πŸš€

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