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New in Alerts, Sales & Profit, Inventory, and Reimbursements

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Shared by Sellerise Team • August 01, 2023


No more worries when you receive notifications about:

  • New Hijacker
  • Inactive Offer
  • Listing Suppression
  • Stranded Inventory
  • Adult notification
  • Problems with Shipment
  • Dimensions Changed
  • Category Changed

From now on, every alert requiring action from you will contain a link to a step-by-step guide on what you should do in every case:

As soon as you click that (?) What to do link, you'll be redirected to the corresponding section of our Reaction to Alerts guide (Smart Alerts > Help Hub).


Track and analyze Sessions and Page Views data of your products in the Summary by Product view:


  1. Drag columns to customize your dashboard
  2. See reimbursements Totals at the bottom:


Row with Totals of your whole inventory at the bottom of the dashboard: