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Shared by Sellerise Team • June 15, 2023


⚡ New Alert: Problems with Shipment

  • Get notified when there is an issue with any of your shipments.
  • Access the problematic shipment by the link right inside the notification and resolve the issue on Seller Central right away!

! Make sure this alert is enabled in your Smart Alerts Configuration, as well as in your Channels:


Check your correspondence with the Amazon Support team right inside the Sellerise Reimbursement tool 🎉

Simply click the [🔍 View ] button to see details of any of your Cases, scroll down, and check out the newest Case log section:


ROI and Storage Fee are added to the list of metrics that can be displayed as totals at the top of the dashboard.
+ ROI is also among your Extended Information table metrics now.

➤ Two new ways to adjust your Extended Information transposed table: Pin important rows & hide unnecessary ones: